Too many Americans believe that their right to live, believe, speak, worship, and seek happiness according to the dictates of conscience are threatened by their fellow Americans.

Being “Woke”

Being “woke” is often a litmus test for certain circles of the progressive world. There is a strong expectation, and even a demand, to be “ethnically conscious,” especially among white college and college-educated activists.

This consciousness generally manifests itself as an awareness of generational wrongs perpetrated by one race against another. This consciousness is followed by a need to signal it, both through public displays of contrition and through combative rhetoric directed at the “non-woke.”

It is admirable to be aware of historical injustices and of how they affect present inequitable conditions. However, the ideology of being “woke” often moves…

It would be difficult to find another piece of legislation that attempts to side-step the notions of federalism, state sovereignty, and unalienable rights more than H.R. 1.

Image from, Reizigerin, Creative Commons Licensing

(This article is adapted from an article at the Federalist Coalition, written by Justin Stapley the first time the House of Representatives passed the For the People Act in 2019)

The 116th Congress began 2019 by introducing its first piece of major legislation on January 3rd, imperiously named the For the People Act of 2019. The Bill summary stated that the proposal “addresses voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics…

Those clamoring for a return of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban are advocating for a return to a stew of legal language that failed to reflect the reality of actual firearm classification.

AR-15 — Pixabay (Free for Commercial Use)

There is a common refrain among advocates for restrictive gun laws: assault weapons are “designed specifically to kill”, their intended use is for “military purposes”, and they were never meant for private ownership.

But what is an assault weapon exactly? Despite the use of the term by supporters of tougher gun laws and its consistent presence in the news, it is not a term used by almost anyone familiar with military or civilian weapon systems.

Why isn’t the term “assault rifle” used? After all, the various rifles used by the world’s militaries, such as the M16, M4, SCAR, G36, or…

There’s definitely a political Left and a political Right. But that political dichotomy exists within a broader and far more nuanced political spectrum.

The political spectrum is often viewed as conservative on the right and liberal, or more accurately progressive, on the left. Since this horizontal spectrum is more often used for propaganda purposes than for actual understanding of political thought, it’s viewed differently depending on which side you’re on.

If you’re on the Right, you think of the political spectrum as right towards freedom and left towards tyranny. Funny enough, if you’re on the Left, you think of the…

Doubling the federally mandated minimum wage would alter the premise of its existence. It would cease to be a minimum wage and become a universal living wage.

The recent prerogative on the Left, as exemplified by the efforts of the Democratic Party to more than double the federally mandated minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15.00 an hour, is one where they seek to merge the notions of a minimum wage with the idea of a living wage.

But these two notions are dramatically different benchmarks with dramatically different intentions behind them. Merging them, as seems to be the express goal of many Democratic politicians, including our current Democratic President, would likely frustrate and imbalance the entire wage market.

A minimum wage, simply defined, is the…

Are Democrats trying to convict the former President, or is this just cynical partisan maneuvering?

I have a unique stance on how this second impeachment has played out. I do think the President bears great responsibility for what occurred on January 6th; for his efforts to discredit the election going back months and months before election day, for the rhetoric he used on that specific day, and especially for his failure to do everything possible to end the violence and denounce it. I believe that this second impeachment is well deserved and that Donald Trump should be barred from holding future office.

However, I feel the Democratic Party under Nancy Pelosi has failed to embark…

Social media platforms are not public forums. We must stop using the language of public forums to discuss social media realities.

Censorship is a cessation of rights. Censorship is not the correct word for a private platform policing itself because no one is losing any rights outside the private platform. When social media, as a private platform, polices itself, it’s not censorship. It’s de-platforming.

In a free market, there is both the right of association and the right of disassociation. A private platform is free to de-platform someone involved in their forum. That doesn’t impact their freedom. They remain free outside the platform.

A church, for example, has the right to excommunicate members. Such an excommunication seriously de-platforms a member within…

By using the process of impeachment so rarely throughout American history, Congress has taken a valuable check and balance and rendered it nearly useless.

This article is from The Liberty Hawk’s 2019 archives, first published in the days leading up Donald Trump’s first impeachment. With the rusted hammer being dusted off once more and with growing voices lamenting a possible precedent being set for the overuse of the impeachment power, the republishing of this article seemed both timely and pertinent.

By using the process of impeachment so rarely throughout American history, Congress has taken a valuable check and balance and rendered it nearly useless.

In this tradition of self-appointed impotence, we have narrowed the scope of impeachable offenses so thinly that impeachment, let alone…

For the good of the country, the President must step down from office immediately.

America is still processing what occurred last week on the steps of our Capitol. With each new video and each new picture, the travesty of what unfolded is punctuated all the more. And there’s still so much more we don’t know.

Hundreds have been arrested. Hundreds and hundreds of investigations have been opened or soon will be. Reports are that charges of sedition and conspiracy are forthcoming. The picture slowly unfolding is that the violence of January 6th was no chance event. It wasn’t a spontaneous flash of violence that was supposed to remain a peaceful demonstration.

The evidence, thus…

Every red-blooded American who loves their country must look this insurrection, and the leader who incited it, square in the eye and reckon with what has happened.

Yesterday, January 6th, 2021, will be a day that will live in infamy. America was attacked.

This attack was not conducted by the forces of a hostile country or carried out by operatives of a foreign terrorist organization. It wasn’t instigated by the leadership of belligerent actors organizing against America from foreign soil.

This disgraceful act of insurrection against our duly elected government was carried out by our fellow citizens in the name of a President who has, for two months, fed the flames of conspiracy and fear. The business of the US Congress was disrupted by an angry and…

Justin Stapley

Student at UVU, political theory and constitutional studies. Editor/Owner of The Liberty Hawk. Weekly newsletter and intermittent podcasting at Self-Evident.

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